THE MONTH OF PISCES is a time of endings before the beginning of Aries and spring on March 20th. It is an excellent time to take stock of the year past and reflect on all that has transpired. The COVID-19 quarantine began during the last cycle of Pisces, greatly restricting our physical movements and contacts. The imposed restrictions pushed us inward, giving us time and space to feel and think about our lives in new ways without the usual interruptions. As much as we have been held up by the quarantine, we have also had the opportunity to experience accelerated internal growth much like plants underneath the ground during winter.

Pisces ruler, Neptune, asks: What parts of yourself did you find hidden underneath your daily routines? What problems surfaced that you have been able to see clearly and resolve? What burdens have been weighing on you and causing you despair? Do you have faith in yourself, in your life, and in the Divine, or are you consumed with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness in the face of all you cannot control?

Neptune is also the ruler of escapism, and the quarantine gives us plenty of time to escape uncomfortable feelings. Are you determined to be anywhere but here? Glued to endless tv, movies, and electronic pursuits? Drinking, drugging, and engaging in other addictive behaviors to keep fear, sadness, and anger at bay? The desire to escape is understandable. The trick is to feel the feelings that arise and honor the need to take a break without hurting ourselves.

As alone as any of us may feel in the continuing quarantine, we are connected to other humans in spirit and always connected to the Divine. Pisces calls us to remember our spiritual connections and reach out for assistance especially when we feel disillusioned by the chaos and confusion of life. How have you been connected with other humans during this past year? Give yourself credit for showing up in the ways you are able to. Your texts, phone calls, contacts with neighbors, donations and hands-on service to community organizations, and words of care and encouragement on social media hold the world together.

The month of Pisces offers a time to feel and empty out our sorrows. The COVID-19 pandemic has left us with deep sadness as we mourn the death of family and friends, grieve businesses and jobs that came undone, and feel the gap of separation from activities and relationships. Every bit of our personal and collective suffering is important. Taking the time to honor our losses helps us to move forward. Writing, art, prayers, and heartfelt conversations are helpful in making peace with what has ended and renewing our hope for the birth of spring.