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Feet on the Ground Astrology

Astrological Counseling for Everyday People

Feet on the Ground Astrology

Astrological counseling for everyday people.

Earth is a challenging place to be these days. The ground shifts from one day to the next. Living with uncertainty is a daily challenge. We cannot know what the future holds, but we can work with the resources we have to make the best of our present circumstances.

Astrology is a brilliant tool for self-discovery. The symbol system of the chart shows your personality in action and the behind-the-scenes dynamics of your inner life. My sessions offer no-nonsense, practical support geared toward your pressing concerns. My goal is to support you in seeing yourself with greater clarity so that your life is more manageable and your strengths lead the way forward.

I am an astrological counselor and life-long student of astropsychology with three decades of experience reading astrological charts. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Communications.  I also received training in motivational interviewing and reflective listening from the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addiction (CASAA) at the University of New Mexico.  My unique blend of training and expertise comes through in my astrological readings and how I connect with and listen to each client. 

                                     Common Questions about Astrology

Is astrology a kind of magic? 

Who do you picture when you think about seeing astrologer?  A wise sage in flowing robes?  A New Age Priestess sharing her intuitions about your personal growth? Astrology can appear to be magical because of its accuracy, but the study of astrological symbols is far from it.  The process of chart review is concrete, specific and detailed.  Your astrologer is more likely to be a nerd who reads astrology books while her children are doing homework than an Enlightened Being sharing wisdom from another galaxy. 

Is astrology a religion? 

Astrological symbols show up in some religions, especially in the esoteric mystical traditions, so you might have heard about links between astrology and religious symbols.  For some religious practitioners, astrology is taboo because religious authorities prohibit consulting with sources outside of their faith.    

Astrology is not a religion but there are plenty of astrologers who engage in religious practice. To date, I have met followers of Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Orisha and New Age philosophies who use astrology as a tool for insight and reflection.  To be clear, astrology offers no definitive answers about the nature of God or human existence. The boundary between astrology and religion can get muddy when astrologers combine their spiritual beliefs with your chart interpretation. My personal view is that an astrology reading is about your experience, not mine, and you are uniquely qualified to come to terms with the big questions of existence without my interference. 

Is astrology a form of therapy? 

No.  It is often the case that a person will seek an astrological consult in a time of crisis, decision making or change.  Your session may aid you in clarifying hard-to-manage problems or inspire you to reevaluate your life direction.  While an astrological consultation can trigger insights and have a therapeutic benefit, astrology is not a substitute for therapy.  A chart session may motivate you to see a therapist to explore your concerns in-depth, and if so, this is a positive outcome.

Why should I see an astrologer when I can get my own chart and interpret it from online resources? 

You can get a copy of your chart and study it through online videos and articles.  There are so many resources to choose from that you may have trouble sorting out the interpretations you find or miss important information specific to your chart.  Chances are high that you will also wrongly interpret some part of what you read or hear.  A knowledgeable astrologer has studied, gained experience through mentoring and consultations, and understands how the planets and aspects are integrated in a whole chart.   You will save yourself hours of search and potential conflict by having a session with someone who knows the territory.

What can I expect from an astrology reading? 

With a birth chart session, you can expect an astrologer to share an overview of the key areas of your life experience:  your earliest relationships, emotional and intellectual needs, world view, resources and values, communication and relating style, talents and skills.   An astrologer will also discuss the current planetary transits and how these offer growth opportunities in the present season of your life.   

A birth chart analysis can give you an objective perspective from someone who is not invested in your life choices.  The goal of astrology is always awareness.   Insight gained from an astrological session can help you to tackle current problems and goals with a renewed sense of confidence.

Will an astrologer tell me things I do not want to know? 

Some people shy away from astrology out of fear that an astrologer is going to tell them something negative about their personality or future.  Sometimes clients read forecasts about finances and romance that do not fit with their personal lives.  They hear friends and family members assign negative stereotypes to personalities and use astrological definitions as a substitute for relating.   Who wants to be labelled and put in a box? 

More often than not, an astrology session will confirm what you already know about yourself.  Your positive qualities will be emphasized, but you can expect to hear about conflicts and challenges as well.  An astrologer’s role is to support you in seeing your strengths and deficits in the best possible light, not judging you. 

Can an astrologer predict my future? 

No.  Astrologers are not prophets or idealized parents who lay out your future or direct you.  Some practitioners take on a directive role for clients who seek it, but this is not the purpose of astrology.  An astrologer uses charting methods to discuss the potential of the planets interacting with your chart. Talking about potential is not the same thing as predicting outcomes.  For example, if the planet Uranus begins a transit of your 4th house this summer, you may experience change in your home environment through sudden, unexpected circumstances.  Does this mean you should prepare for an earthquake, contact a realtor and put a ‘For Sale’ in front of your house?  Not unless you want to.  The sudden change could mean any number of things, from a shift in your home relationships to important insights that propel you in a new direction.  The astrologer’s role is to describe the influences for your benefit – not to scare you or tell you what to do. Do not give an astrologer or anyone else the power to decide a future that has not happened yet.  


I received an incredibly down-to-Earth, actionable, and in-depth birth chart reading. The information I gained helped me to better integrate challenging aspects and showed me where I have strengths that I can always draw on. If you’re someone who is interested in a clear, insightful, and empathetic reading, I highly recommend working with Feet On The Ground Astrology.

Marina D., Summer 2019

This experience was extraordinary for me. The accuracy of the lifetime circumstances that were uncovered for me was remarkable. It helped me to focus on what I value and to know that it is more than okay to free myself of certain roles and obligations that have plagued me all my life. I also learned some astrology terms which was very cool! I highly recommend Feet On The Ground Astrology. You will not regret this experience!

Jennifer W., January 2020

I was privileged to receive a birth chart reading from Feet On The Ground Astrology and enjoyed every minute of it. It was a lot like a therapy session but allowed me to see my life with a different lens that I found interesting and refreshing. Learning about the time of my birth in the universe in a way helped me feel like I had permission to have the struggles that I have as well as the opportunity to make the best of them -or at the very least understand them a little more. It reaffirmed to me that there is always a way. Nomalanga has a wonderful gentleness about her as well as a deep strength. I came away feeling affirmed and hopeful.

Calene V., Summer 2020

Having one’s feet planted firmly on the ground is challenging during difficult & uncertain times, yet not impossible when one understands their own potential to endure and overcome. One of the benefits of my birth chart analysis & subsequent consultation was an ability for me to understand my own character more fully, & to objectively analyze my strengths & weaknesses. This introspection promotes growth (working on weaknesses), allows one to capitalize on strengths, and it promotes confidence going forward knowing one can endure regardless of current situations. I highly recommend Feet on the Ground Astrology!

Marie K., Winter 2019